Live Aquarium Plants Java Moss for Freshwater Fish Tank Decorations use Green Moss Create a Moss Wall or Moss Carpet and Moss Driftwood Decor - Soft and Comforting for Fish (3" Cup x1)

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Real Solid Java Moss: Bright green authentic Java moss that will give life to your aquarium.You may also do it yourself to create different shapes of Java moss that will change and enhance aquatic landscapes.
MOSS BORN READY :This moss does not need special light settings or any high-intensity lights; This moss can be used in a variety of freshwater aquarium and almost any places with water.
TANK SECURED: Provides biofilm, fish hideouts, and a sense of security for the baby and the young fish once you put this moss in the breeding cave or tank
STONE PAD SIZE: 3 by 5 cm/1.5 by 2 inches. Naturally grows with pure beauty, spreading green and natural moss carpet in your fish tank.
You will receive 1 cup of Java Moss.